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Coming soon AVA REVV and VEXX. Pictured together, REVV and VEXX sheet vinyl were previewed at HDC in New Orleans. REVV, with 13 colorways, is composed of 3 distinct patterns ranging from traditional to rustic contemporary designs. VEXX provides design flexibility by incorporating artistically created patterns in concrete, fiber and non-directional abstracts that total 19 colorways. Both are offered with a highly durable 22 mil wear layer in 6’ wide sheet flooring that is 100% Phthalate Free.

With the AVA AMP Coating, which is 30% more scratch resistant than typical coatings, REVV and VEXX are highly resistant to pressure and extreme temperatures. This sheet flooring delivers stability and inherent resistance to expansion and contraction, making it an excellent selection for healthcare, education, retail and other applications. With 12-year Heavy Commercial and Lifetime Residential warranties, REVV and VEXX deliver years of reliable performance under high traffic and heavy rolling loads.

LSI – Imagination

With stock images this collection provides a playground for the imagination. Museum designers and interactive areas for children, large and small, find inspiration in the LSI Imagination Collection. This series is filled with photo-realism representing creative ideas found in nature; Water, River Rocks, Beach, Ice and even Cow Hide.

Imagination is high performance flooring designed to inspire.

Capri Collections Eco-Clicks Cork Cable
Capitol Hill Day School, Washington DC
Perkins Eastman Washington DC

Capri Collections promotes Eco-Clicks Cork as a problem solving floor.

The Capitol Day School needed a floor that could be installed over a substrate with issues.  Since Eco-Clicks Cork is glueless, it would work. Capri stocks Eco-Clicks Cork in our PA warehouse so it was readily available to meet the tight installation schedule and allows for immediate usage after installation. Eco-Clicks is cork on cork so it is quiet and provided the acoustics required.

As illustrated in the photo, the natural cork compliments the other finishes in the space.  It is finished with a water-based urethane that is resistant to wear, impact damage and scratching. It is flooring well suited to the activities of the students at the school.

Eco-Clicks Cork plank size is 12” x 36” x 7/16” (nominal) and is offered in 15 colors/patterns, all stocked in Lititz, PA.

We are an email or phone call away for your next fast track job that needs to be glueless, readily available, allows for immediate usage and provides great acoustics.


With three unique wood patterns sharing six common base colors, RSRV provides a variety of registered embossed plank styles to mix and match, along with four concrete patterned tiles. Choose from wood grain collections that include the fine lines and bold size of Kyoto, the rugged aged look of Komma and the pure grains of Washed. 

The robust style, high density core (HDC) clic construction, IXPE acoustical backing and AMP Advantage makes RSRV a perfect selection for busy Hispitality and Retail locations where style and consumer comfort are key. 

  • 22 mil wear layer
  • 6.0mm overall thickness
  • IXPE acoustical backing 
  • 100% phthalate free
  • 30% more sctach resistance overally typical coatings

LSI Artistry – Hammered Aluminum

The tallest installation of LSI in the world! Clocking in at 1/3 of a mile in the air, the CN Tower is the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere. The concept for the re-design of the restaurant called for a clean white palette with pops of color. After doing a test area to see how the White Hammered Aluminum from LSI would clean the entire space was covered with this great looking textured floor. Accent areas were created with Gunmetal from the same collection.

Capri Collections Sequel Rubber Cork

Schaumburg Township Library

Offered in 20 standard colors, Sequel is a vulcanized rubber tile manufactured with a homogeneous blend of SBR and natural cork. The durability and dimensional stability make Sequel an excellent choice for most commercial applications.

Offered in square edge tiles, Sequel is soft underfoot with excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, scuffs, and many common chemicals.

Sequel is easy to maintain, does not require a floor finish, and can be continually restored by dry-buffing which decreases the long term maintenance cost and use of harmful chemicals.

PVC free • Declare Label status LBC Red List Free • Listed on mindful MATERIALS

Sequel tile size: 19 11/16” x 19 11/16” x 3 mm

Color your floors with Sequel rubber cork tiles from Capri Collections.

2STYL Sawn Oak Grey

New at Neocon 2019

2STYL brings the popular 6” x 48” plank size to complement the original 6” x 36” 2.0mm/8 mil STYL lineup, along with new patterns and colors in two different constructions for standard glue down and HDC in 4.2mm/8 mil. Total of 10 colors in the glue down and the HDC.

The patent-pending AMP Coating features 30% more scratch resistance over typical coatings, making 2STYL an ideal 8-mil solution for multi-family dwellings looking for budget-friendly high-performance.

LSI Floors Custom Printed Creativity

LSI creates bespoke flooring in its Custom Printed Flooring program. Any idea or concept can be turned into high-performance sheet vinyl. Think area rugs embedded into the surrounding flooring material providing high impact and zero tripping hazards. Logos, branding, and information can all be relayed starting from the ground up.

Connect with us to see what creative minds can do together.

Seaside by the Seaside
Sound View Greenport

An iconic 1950s motel was transformed into the Sound View Greenport.  The 45 room hotel, renovated by Studio Tack, has Capri’s Seaside installed in the guest rooms.  Seaside is part of Capri’s Re-Tire Medley recycled rubber collection.  All Medley colors “mix it up” by adding natural cork content to recycled rubber granules.  The cork adds subtle visual and textural interest to recycled rubber.

Seaside, created with beachy colors and cork, is perfect in the beachside guest rooms that overlook the Sound.

Contact Capri to add some Seaside your beach front getaway.

AVA SMPL Alpine Oak Fog
Origami Risk, Chicago, IL

Eastlake Studio of Chicago designed Origami Risk’s creative new headquarters at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The space includes areas installed with AVA SMPL.  SMPL is an HPC (high performance core) luxury vinyl floating system with pre-attached cork underlayment for improved acoustic performance. 

As with all AVA products, SMPL is 100% phthalate free, FloorScore, REACH and GEENGUARD Gold certified, carries EPD, HPD and Declare certifications.

LSI Shapes
San Francisco, CA

“Publicis Groupe is a French multinational advertising and public relations company, and is the oldest and one of the largest marketing and communications companies in the world….” (publicisgroupe.com)

This firm may be the oldest but they are in no way, by a long shot, stodgy. This cutting-edge firm has enlisted Blitz to create a dynamic corporate office in San Francisco using color and form to punctuate space and energize occupants.

Capri Mediterra Small Strips & AVA SNSE Iron
Spartan Surfaces, Bel Air, MD

Another great project with two instead of one, this time with Capri Collections and AVA. 

AVA DSGN Tuscany Oak Wenge and LSI Custom Print
Paramount Restaurant, Toronto, Canada 

We love it when projects are able to use two instead of one. AVA and LSI together have endless variety. 

Eco-Clicks Cork Rugged and Chestnut
Cabot Public Library, Cabot, Arkansas

The building originally built as a grocery store in 1978 became the home of the new Cabot Public Library, in 2016. The 24,026 square foot building was completely renovated under the direction of Schelle Architect of Cabot, Arkansas. Over 16,000 square feet of Eco-Clicks Cork is installed at the Cabot Public Library.

For this project and many others, floating floors are a great flooring solution for substrates that are not suitable for glue down floors. As the name implies, floating floors “float” as a unit with expansion spaces necessary. Floating floors do not require adhesive which allows for immediate use after installation.

Eco-Clicks Cork is made in layers, with the top layer 3 mm pre-finished cork; the middle layer is 6 mm moisture-resistant HDF board with an edge sealing system and the bottom layer is 1.5 mm cork underlayment with antibacterial protection. Eco-Clicks Cork plank size is 12” x 36” (nominal) x 10.5 mm.

Eco-Clicks Cork can be an installation problem solver while offering the unique and natural beauty only cork can provide.

LSI Custom Print Sheet
Saskatchewan Science Centre

Custom Print Sheet Video Link

In the list of criteria for selecting your next trip where does toilet design fall?!? If it ranks high there is a tourism board that can help. International Toilet Tourism will not only tell you where the good ones are but they also give out awards.

Saskatchewan Science Centre is the latest to receive “Best Design” from this prestigious group. The design by 1080 Architecture, (formerly Cite360 Studio), was aided by the LSI Custom Printed Flooring service. Wanting to create an all-encompassing forest-like experience the designers engaged the services of nature photographer, Todd Mintz. LSI then reproduced the images on high-performance vinyl able to be installed both horizontally and vertically. Natural Woods, a standard LSI plank vinyl product, was incorporated into the theme covering the floor in the stalls. Watch the video for a full 360° view of this immersive experience.

Capri Re-Tire Recycled Rubber: Cinder and Trail Mix
Pflugerville Library, Pflugerville, TX

With an array of neutrals as well as bright colors, Capri’s Re-Tire recycled rubber is installed in libraries, museums, corporate facilities, physical therapy areas, cafes and other areas where color and texture as well as durability, slip resistance, good sound absorption and comfort under foot are the criteria for flooring.  The versatile Re-Tire collection includes Medley*, Kaleidoscope and Basics. Unique to Capri, all Medley* colors contain cork dust.  The natural cork adds both visual and textural interest to the recycled rubber.

Meeting the requirements for a variety of commercial flooring installations including areas with heavy rolling loads, USA made Re-Tire is available in thickness from 3.2-12 mm in rolls, tiles and interlocking tiles.  With recycled content that varies by color, Re-Tire is FloorScore certified and Declare Label status LBC Red List Free.

Created with the same rubber colors, Re-Tire Fitness & Rec and AND/OR rubber cork can easily be partnered with Re-Tire Medley, Kaleidoscope and Basics.  Collectively with over 100 colors, these collections offer lots of opportunity for recycled rubber creativity.

LSI Custom Printed Flooring
Joe’s Apartment, Vancouver

In the Imagination Studio of LSI Floors anything is possible. Here we take an idea and turn it into high performance vinyl flooring. An image, a corporate logo, or an original design, can all be scaled and cropped to 100 sq.ft. or 10,000 sq.ft., for small spaces, long corridors or open atriums. Nothing is holding you back….

Not even the idea of an area rug in the middle of a dance floor! The idea is obviously fraught with problems, as thousands of people dancing to live music require every safety consideration. For Joe’s Apartment, a popular Vancouver nightclub, LSI took an image of a beautifully worn Oriental rug and turned it into vinyl flooring even maintaining the shape and feel of the real thing. It was then embedded into the surrounding flooring with no transition piece required. A sound solution to a beautiful aesthetic.

AVA SPRK Multiple Colors
Hopsmith, Nashville, TN

The creative installation at Hopsmith in Nashville shows off a number of the 38 standard SPRK colors!

Suitable for virtually all commercial installations including heavy traffic areas, SPRK luxury vinyl tiles are available in the glue down construction. The straight edge tiles are 18″ x 18″ x 2.5 mm with a 20 mil layer. Featuring the amp coating which is anti-microbial, offers increased scratch and scuff resistance as well as excellent stain and fade resistance, SPRK is easy to maintain (no need to wax).

As with all AVA products, SPRK is 100% phthalate free, FloorScore, REACH and GEENGUARD Gold certified, carries EPD, HPD and Declare certifications and is listed on the mindful Materials library. AVA SPRK has a 10 year commercial and lifetime residential warranty.

Add some SPRK to your next project!

Capri Collections AND/OR Gold (on structures) and Cappuccino (on the floor)

AND/OR, a unique blend of EPDM granules and cork, is suitable for installations on floors “and/or” walls.  As illustrated at the New York Hall of Science Design Lab, AND/OR has the ability to contour to the display structure and also offers great flooring for the activities of young children.

USA made AND/OR has been installed in a variety of commercial spaces including corporate, education, libraries, museums, fitness and recreation.  Offered in neutrals to saturated colors, AND/OR is available in multiple thicknesses in rolls, tiles and interlocking tiles (8 mm or greater).  For floors AND/OR offers great slip resistance, good sound absorption, comfort under foot, durability and can handle rolling loads.  For vertical applications AND/OR can be used as tackable surface, wall protection or to wrap columns or doors.

AND/OR is FloorScore certified and Declare Label status LBC Red List Free.

Exclusive to Capri Collections, AND/OR offers versatility which inspires creativity!

LSI is changing the conversation in vinyl flooring. Symmetrical forms explore a new means of visual communication. Parallelograms create organization and efficiency. Hexagons encourage you to stay and mingle, while Connecting Rings create a sense of play.

Virtually all LSI colors, textures, patterns and formats are available in these custom cut Shapes. Mix them up to expand the vocabulary and tell a unique story.

AVA SMPL Alpine Oak Khaki
Signature Place at Morris Plains (coming soon)

AVA SMPL is an HPC (high performance core) luxury vinyl with a commercial wear layer. It is a floating system that installs easily with an angle drop locking system and pre-attached cork underlayment for improved acoustic performance. SMPL is waterproof and has the AMP coating that is more scratch and scuff resistant than standard coatings for LVT.  Offered in 12 wood tones, SMPL planks are 6″ x 48″ x 6.5 mm.

As with all AVA products, SMPL is 100% phthalate free, FloorScore, REACH and GEENGUARD Gold certified, carries EPD, HPD and Declare certifications and is listed on the mindful Materials library. AVA SMPL has a 10 year commercial and lifetime residential warranty.